The Kindle Version of Danger Peak Will Be FREE This Weekend!

This Memorial Day weekend, the Danger Peak eBook on Kindle will be FREE to download. You read that correctly. I’m crazy Mikey, and my deals are IN-SAAANE! Sorry, I just channeled the ghost of Crazy Eddie there. (Rest in peace, playa.) For two days only—Saturday, May 27th and Sunday, May 28thDanger Peak will be up for grabs, so get it before I change my mind and return to sanity! Here is the Amazon link to the Kindle version of Danger Peak:

There really isn’t much more to say than that, so rather than spoil this post by blathering on and on about something irrelevant, I’ll just quote my favorite movie of the past decade: “Let’s Boo-Boo!” (Google it.) Happy Memorial Day, and here’s to the start of an awesome summer!


P.S.: Next week’s blog: Five Songs That Explain What My Next Novel Is About

P.P.S.: Danger Peak is now available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble (and again, the Kindle eBook will be free this weekend!):

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