Danger Peak Is Getting Revamped Again (but it’s not what you think)

This is the last time the cover will look like this.

This will be another short and sweet blog. Danger Peak is getting updated yet again, but it’s probably not what you think. I’m not touching the text; I’m just updating the cover. No, I’m not changing the image of the motorbike on the mountain. (I’m not even touching those cute little lightning bolts.) I’m adding an award seal from my Fall 2022 BookFest Award in the category of Young Adult Action and Adventure. I’ve been toying with adding award seals to my cover for a while now. Technically, I could’ve added three award seals, including The September 2022 Literary Titan Gold Book Award and The 2022 Firebird Book Award in the category of Magical Realism, but 1) I thought that would clutter the cover (you wouldn’t be able to read the title!), and 2) my BookFest Award is probably my most prestigious one and also the one I’m proudest of. (It’s why Danger Peak was featured in an electronic billboard in Times Square.)

As a side note, I don’t count my Honorable Mentions in The 2022 New York and Hollywood Book Festivals or being a finalist in the 2022 American Fiction Awards in the category of Inspirational as awards. I don’t want to be a bridesmaid, book award competitions. You need to put a ring on it! (by “ring” I mean an award seal, in this tortured metaphor)

Anyway, here is the new full cover:

Up until now, the only way to get a copy of my book with an award seal (or three) was if you personally knew me or if you happened to be one of the lucky few people who won one of my Goodreads giveaways, as I would place my award stickers on the cover as a bonus. Now all you have to do is click on the Amazon or Barnes & Noble link below to get your very own copy of Danger Peak with an awarded seal of approval. So what are you waiting for? Click away for some back-in-time, action-adventure ‘80s goodness. It’s good for you and guaranteed to help you live longer!*

*This book is definitely not guaranteed to help you live longer.

That’s it for this week, folks. I don’t know about you, but after all these recent blog updates (some of them major), I’m pooped! Don’t forget to check out my video interview with The Books That Make You podcast when it “drops” on YouTube this Thursday (I’ll update my last blog with a link), but for now, I’ll be taking a break for the next few weeks, unless something exciting happens with the book. Until then, I’m back to working on my new novel, and you’re back to your regularly scheduled lives.


P.S.: Danger Peak is now available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble (with the new award seal!):

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