Danger Peak Is Getting Revamped…Again!

This thing is running out of room.

Writers are never completely happy with their work. Case in point: Danger Peak is getting revised yet again. For those keeping score, this is the third official version of the book, and that’s not even including the dozens of drafts the book went through before it was published. So what’s getting changed this time? Thankfully, there weren’t any spelling or grammatical errors that needed to be fixed (at last), but if you read my book already and thought, “Man, this guy really likes the word ‘suddenly’!” you weren’t alone. I thought the same thing as I reread the book, so I took about half of them out. Also, I agreed with a common complaint of the book by fixing the price of the turbocharger. It’s now $200, not $300, which is slightly more realistic given how much money that was in the 1980s.

I’ve also added two mini-sections to the book: a list of positive reviews from various professional organizations to open it and an expanded bio to close it. (My bio on the back cover was condensed because we couldn’t fit the entire thing.)

But, by far, my favorite revision is sneaking in a little song that is not only one of my favorite songs of 1989 or the ‘80s in general but of all time. Along with Martika’s “Toy Soldiers,” which is already in the book, this song was constantly on the radio in 1989. (And no, I’m not talking about “Batdance.”) In fact, not including it in my last edition was one of my major regrets and inspired this latest revision in the first place. Want to know what song it is? You’ll have to check out the book!

As they say, three time’s the charm. Also, three happens to be my favorite number. Does this mean this will be the final, definitive version of Danger Peak? Who knows? But I’m finally happy with it…for now.

In other Danger Peak news (“No, no, no, Danger Peak is my middle name, babe”), we’re halfway through my second Goodreads giveaway, and around 1,700 people have already entered, which is almost as much as all the entrants of the first giveaway in its entirety. This may have something to do with opening up the contest to Canada. (I’ll sing it again: Oh Canada!) I’m almost out of Danger Peak first editions, so this will probably be your last chance to snag one. I’m not doing another giveaway until next year, and even then, I’ll be sending out second and third editions. You’ve been warned!


P.S.: Danger Peak is now available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble:

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