Danger Peak Received a Perfect Score From the Website Reader Views

courtesy Reader Views

For a while now, even before it was published, I’ve been curious as to how kids would respond to Danger Peak. Even though it’s ostensibly a middle-grade/young-adult book (and the subtitle even reads “A Kid Adventure”), it takes place in the 1980s, decades before the target audience was even born. All of my reviews so far have been from adults, and although they were positive (mostly!), I still wondered what kids might think, since many of them have never even heard of the shows “Miami Vice” or “Knight Rider,” just two of the many ‘80s-centric references in my book. This week I finally received an answer with my first professional review from a kid, courtesy of the good folks at the website Reader Views, and it’s a perfect score. Similar to the website Literary Titan, Danger Peak received five out of five stars. To read the full review, click on the link below or simply read an excerpt following the link.

Danger Peak is a great and adventurous book that always keeps you on your toes. …The plot was really exciting, especially the mountain-climbing scene. The author writes well, with very descriptive sentences that really bring out the drama. …Danger Peak is a thrilling and perilous book with a lot of excitement and the perfect book for someone looking for a very dangerous ride of a book!

Reader Views

Since I’m writing my first blog after a weeks-long break, I may as well take this opportunity to congratulate the 20 people who won a free signed copy of Danger Peak at my Goodreads giveaway this week. Your books should arrive in the mail in one to two weeks.


P.S.: Danger Peak is now available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble:

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