A Very Brief, True Story That Has Nothing to Do With Danger Peak

courtesy Hipgnosis

I’ve been blogging at WordPress about my book for almost half a year now, and after comparing my blogs to others, I realized I’m doing it all wrong. Most people write random stories from their lives that are 300 words or less. My entries are usually overly detailed and go on for 1,000 words or more, and almost all of them are to promote my book, so, in the interest of solidarity with my other fellow WordPress bloggers, I thought I’d give at least one normal entry a try. As the title states, the following is a very brief, true story that has absolutely nothing to do with Danger Peak.

Last month, I saw Roger Waters, the co-singer/bass player/principal songwriter/creative genius of Pink Floyd, in concert for the fourth time, and he didn’t disappoint. I was especially grateful that he played “Have a Cigar” from the brilliant Dark Side of the Moon follow-up, Wish You Were Here, since I’ve never heard him play it before. (Incidentally, “Have a Cigar” is the only Pink Floyd song that isn’t sung by a member of the band.) Hearing this song live reminded me of the time in college when I attended an outdoor party that featured a DJ spinning track after track of Pink Floyd songs.

Even though it’s my favorite band, I thought Pink Floyd was an odd choice to get a party started. After all, they’re not known for party jams. In fact, one of their greatest hits albums is ironically titled A Collection of Great Dance Songs, with a couple on the cover in the midst of a dance tied down by ropes. Besides “Money” and “Another Brick in the Wall, Part II,” which he already played, the only Pink Floyd song I could think of that had a decent dance beat was “Have a Cigar,” so I casually strolled to the DJ and requested it.

“Sure man,” he quickly replied. “Just give me a sec.”

“Thanks,” I said and returned to the throng armed with my red plastic Solo cup filled with watered-down beer. After attempting small talk with strangers for several more minutes—with several more Pink Floyd songs blaring in the background—I realized the DJ still hadn’t played my special request. Finally, he played a song off Wish You Were Here, but it was “Welcome to the Machine,” the song that immediately precedes “Have a Cigar.”

Not able to stand it anymore, I confidently walked up to the DJ with a wry grin on my face and told him the following: “Close, but no ‘Cigar.’”


P.S.: Next week’s blog: More Danger Peak Reviews

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