Danger Peak Won The Literary Titan Gold Book Award for September

courtesy Literary Titan

I’m happy to announce that Danger Peak won another award, this time The Literary Titan Gold Book Award for the month of September. Literary Titan bestows this award on books they reviewed which received five (out of five) stars. From their website:

Our literary awards are given to books and authors that have astounded and amazed us with unique writing styles, vivid worlds, complex characters, and original ideas. The Literary Titan Book Awards are given out monthly to the best books reviewed through our book review service. These books deserve extraordinary praise, and we are proud to acknowledge the hard work, dedication, and writing skill of talented authors.

The Literary Titan Gold Book Award is bestowed on books that we found to be perfect in their delivery of original content, utilizing fresh themes to convey innovative ideas, and deftly use elegant prose to transform words into expertly written literature.

Books have the ability to entertain and inform us. They can make the impossible possible. They are vehicles of time travel and windows into perspectives. In books, authors are gods, and imagination is their power, transforming words into characters, emotions, and worlds. Even if we never meet, we are connected by the stories we tell.

I particularly enjoyed the phrase, “(Books) are vehicles of time travel” since my book takes place in 1989, and I have literally marketed it as taking a trip back in time without a DeLorean.

You can view Danger Peak and the other September winners on the following page:

Since I’m on the subject of awards, I may as well take this opportunity to mention that I won Honorable Mentions in The New York and Hollywood Book Festivals. The New York Book Festival celebrates books that they feel deserve greater recognition from the world’s publishing capital, and The Hollywood Book Festival honors books worthy of greater attention from the film, TV, and multimedia communities. (These Honorable Mentions were already “mentioned” on my social media channels, but this is the first time they’re appearing in my blog.)

So far, Danger Peak is four for four in the awards I submitted, but if you don’t count Honorable Mentions, I’m two for four. Not too shabby for my little, independent book!


P.S.: Danger Peak is now available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble:

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