Lists, Life, and Other Unimportant Details Excerpt, Part 3: The Other Unimportant Details Section

My, that’s a rather large…pipe.

In this final excerpt of my book Lists, Life, and Other Unimportant Details (Don’t forget to sign up for blog updates in the opt-in box at the bottom of the Blog/FREE book page to get it for free, kids!), I decided to post something that’s completely irrelevant to Danger Peak for once, but hopefully, it’ll still put a smile on your face anyway. Enjoy (again, or don’t):

Those Dirty Engineers!

My day job is a Senior Editor at a nonprofit technical society in New York City that works with engineers. Editing technical books on engineering can get pretty dry sometimes, but luckily, there are the occasional, unintentionally dirty sentences that make you snap back into attention. Here is a random sampling:

“The model’s geometry shall reflect the overall size, length, connectivity, and stiffness of the member.”

Book title: “Pressure Pipes and Valve Cocks”

“This method is sometimes referred to as ‘dithering’ or ‘jittering.’”

“Figure 1: Deviation From Straightness in Bars”

“Variable rod-in-tube orifice: type of pressure inducer that uses a retractable tapered rod inside a reamed tube to provide a variable orifice for pressure reduction parallel with sample flow while allowing retraction for cleaning of crud bursts.”
(What the hell are “crud bursts”? Never mind. I don’t want to know.)

“Section 434: Butt Welds and Transition Nipples”

“Studs shall extend completely through their nuts.”

And my personal favorite:
“Gaylord Industries sells grease and odor electrostatic precipitator units.”


P.S.: Next week’s blog: The First Reviews of Danger Peak

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