Danger Peak Is Now Available on Barnes & Noble!

courtesy Barnes & Noble (duh)

I’ll keep this update short and sweet. Danger Peak is finally available to order on Barnes & Noble! I don’t know why it takes longer for a book to appear there than on Amazon, where it’s been available for two weeks now, but live and learn, I guess. I’ve updated the bottom of each major page of this website (again, not the individual blog posts) with a link to Barnes & Noble, located directly above the Amazon link. If you’d rather order the book from Barnes & Noble instead of Amazon, click the link below:

The book cover and description are missing from the page in the link above because the book was just uploaded to the site, and information still needs to fill in. Also, I realize my Amazon link didn’t appear in the email of my Amazon blog post for my email subscribers, so just in case the same thing happens again here, please copy and paste the link below to order your copy on Barnes & Noble:


If you want that personal, human touch with an in-store purchase, feel free to ask your local Barnes & Noble to order a copy—or 50!

Thanks a lot for reading, guys (both this blog and, hopefully, my book).


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